Does Basque Shepherd like children

There are a lot of different questions people ask when looking for a Basque Shepherd puppy. The first is, do Basques like children? The answer to this question will greatly depend on the age and temperament of your Basque puppy. In addition, do Basques like boats? The answer to that question is likely a resounding no. The Basque Shepherd breed is not a good choice for families with small children.

A Basque Shepherd dog’s temperament is largely influenced by the people that own it. It’s a playful, loyal dog, but can be overprotective and rambunctious around small children. Though they are friendly with humans and other animals, they do have strong guarding instincts and must be socialized. You should consider this before getting one. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending most of your time rescuing or putting your dog on guard!

The Basque Shepherd dog is a landrace breed. Because of this, it’s possible for the dog’s temperament to differ from that of other breeds. As such, it is important to remember that this breed was not selectively bred. As a result, the dog’s appearance and temperament can vary greatly. It is believed that the Basque Shepherd was first used to herd sheep in the 17th century and evolved into two distinct varieties over time. These dogs are a friendly, family pet and will enjoy being around children.

The Basque Shepherd dog was originally a working breed of herding dogs, but it was not brought to Australia by the Basques. Instead, the Basque sheepherders emigrated to the United States and brought their herding dogs with them. In the early twentieth century, the Basque sheepdogs were crossed with American dogs and were later bred with the Australian Shepherd. Unlike other breeds, the Basque shepherd dog is a rare breed and is not recognized by the major kennel clubs.

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