How to teach Basque Shepherd to Apparate

The Basque Shepherd is proud of his arcane skills, but very few Americans care about them. While we’ve romanticized every aspect of cattle ranching, we’ve paid little attention to the travails of a sheepman. But that is changing. The Western Range Assn. now locates foreign shepherds to work for ranchers in the United States. And the Basques have been coming to America for more than a century!

When training your Basque Shepherd, always remember to use a low, soothing voice. If you use a yelling tone, it will annoy the Basque Shepherd Dog. The goal is to make training as easy as possible for your Basque Shepherd Dog. Trying to push a Basque Shepherd to learn is likely to backfire. Instead, praise it when it behaves properly. Avoid yelling or shouting at your Basque Shepherd Dog, as yelling will make him feel threatened and frightened.

Many Basques immigrated to America during the last century. In the past, they came with nothing more than a few dollars in their pockets. They began working as sheepherders for a few years and then accumulating their own herds. Now, every large sheep ranch in Kern County is owned by a Basque. In fact, most of the owners started out as shepherds. And as they gained their own herds, they adapted to the harsh life and proved themselves natural sheepmen.

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