Is Basque Shepherd aggressive?

If you’re looking for a large, affectionate dog, consider purchasing a Basque Shepherd. While these dogs are not aggressive, they are wary of strangers. Originally from the Basque Country in Spain, these dogs served as herders and guards for sheep. Historically, they were associated with the Pyrenean Shepherd and Catalan Sheepdog, though the breed was only recognized by the Royal Canine Society in 1996.

This medium-sized dog breed is highly adaptable, though it is not the most docile breed. Although these dogs are generally friendly, they do not adapt well to small apartments or homes. You should expect them to need a large backyard and at least several hours of exercise every day. Basques are very social, but some of them may be more aggressive than others. If you’re considering a Basque Shepherd, make sure to choose an appropriate home environment.

Basque Shepherds are among the oldest herding dogs in the world. Some researchers trace the breed’s origin to the Neolithic era. Remains of dogs 12,000 years ago have been found in the Basque region. But the current Basque Shepherd Dog is not its descendant. Despite its age, the breed is still widely recognized in art and medieval pastoral ordinances. It has also been depicted in frescoes and paintings dating to the 16th century.

You should brush your Basque shepherd dog every day. Regular brushing will help reduce shedding, while regular flea-checking helps keep the dog clean. In warm weather, basques don’t need bathing more than a couple of times a year. Brush your dog frequently, removing any mats and soap residue. It’s important to remember that bathing doesn’t have to be complicated. Although some basques will require bathing more frequently than other breeds, it’s important to wash the dog at least once a year.

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